Probate Law Attorney in Jacksonville, FL

Probate Law Attorney in Jacksonville, FL

Resolve Your Probate Concerns as Smoothly as Possible

Has one of your loved ones died recently? Did they have a will or trust in place? Turn to The Law Offices Of Robert Daugustinis, P.A . in Jacksonville, FL for assistance with the probate process.

Attorney Daugustinis will help you distribute the final affairs of a loved one who’s passed away. He’ll make sure all of the probate and non-probate assets are located and all of the paperwork is filed in a timely manner. Contact him today to complete the probate process as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Attorney Daugustinis can represent you for all types of probates

There are different ways to resolve your probate in Jacksonville, FL depending on your circumstances, including:

  • Formal administration
  • Summary administration
  • Ancillary administration

Talk to attorney Daugustinis now to figure out which kind of probate you’re eligible for in Jacksonville, FL.